Navy enlisted dating army officer

navy enlisted dating army officer

The current version can be found at: Rally Point is a pitiful place. Army U. You were lied to throughout your time in service. TSgt Mark Singleton 2 y. All the services prohibit personal and business relationships between officers and enlisted members, calling them prejudicial to good order and discipline. SPC P Join to see 3 y.

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Fraternization Policy Update Reflects Current Operational Tempo

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Get away from the watchful eyes all the people around you who live and breathe military regulations.

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Does fraternization cross branches?

Thinking is hard. Kunkle was relieved of command Thursday. While the senior party is expected to control and preclude the development of inappropriate relationships, this policy is applicable to both members and both are accountable for their own conduct. I was an A1C that hung out with a big group of 2nd Lts.

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