Stanley plane dating guide

stanley plane dating guide

They'd be useful tools if you were planing over your head all day, but not many of us do that. You may need to file nicks out of the plane's sole, if they project - these will leave scratches on the wood, which defeats the plane's purpose. Despite all these swell features, the planes were a miserable flop. All Rights Reserved. Stanley just reconfigured the common 4feeding it tool vigoro, making it more massive.

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Stanley Trademark Stamps

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There are probably other planes that got the treatment as well.

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Bailey Identification

Examples of this plane usually have "BAILEY" cast at their toe, but they don't always, so have a tape measure handy to see if it measures 8" long. A modern manufacturer makes a very nice copy of the plane, but it could never fool anyone as being original since his is made of the usual bronze alloy and the knob and tote are not rosewood. Thanks Ed. Some modern day tool authors, sure in their scholarly advice, recommend taking a pair of pliers and squeezing the 'tines' of the adjusting fork toward each other to take out some of the slop in the mechanism.

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